PNT measurements from STL are intended to be used for a variety of applications:

  • providing position and precision timing, independent of all Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
  • aiding GNSS acquisition
  • augmenting GNSS measurements when not enough GNSS satellites are in view

The STL system allows a receiver to decode the signal and perform precise Doppler and range measurements at attenuation levels that penetrate into GNSS-challenged environments. The strength and fidelity of the signal are sufficient to allow it to pass through structures and other occlusions, providing coverage in deep indoor and urban canyon environments.

In settings where both GNSS and STL time and location fixes are possible, STL complements GNSS with additional PNT information. The key advantage of STL, however, is its ability to provide time and position fixes under conditions in which GNSS is not available. In this respect, GNSS and STL are complementary technologies, and receivers supporting both are ideal to deliver assured PNT.

Security is also a key attribute of STL’s PNT capability. The Satelles service utilizes modern cryptographic techniques to enable a proof-of-location approach that allows STL to deliver a secure, trusted time and location capability that is effectively impervious to manipulation.

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