New GAO Report Identifies Cyber Threats to US Weapons Systems

A recently released GAO report, entitled Weapons Systems Cybersecurity: DoD Just Beginning to Grapple with Scale of Vulnerabilities finds that most U.S. weapons systems are highly vulnerable to cyber-attack.   Types of attacks identified in the report include: Denial of service, Distributed denial of service, Malware, Man-in-the middle,  Pass-the-hash,  Social engineering, Spoofing, Structured query language, Supply chain, War driving, and Zero day exploit.   Of particular interest to our team was the following statement:

 “Weapon systems are dependent on external systems, such as positioning and navigation systems and command and control systems in order to carry out their missions—and their missions can be compromised by attacks on those other systems. A successful attack on one of the systems the weapon depends on can potentially limit the weapon’s effectiveness, prevent it from achieving its mission, or even cause physical damage and loss of life.” 

Hopefully, solutions such as Satelles STL, a back up to GPS, can assist in mitigating some of the cyber attacks identified as threatening U.S. weapons systems.  Link