Satelles delivers a solution for global time and location that is completely independent from GPS and is available today. Originating from the Iridium® constellation of 66 low-Earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites, Satellite Time and Location (STL) is 1000 times stronger than GPS, reaching deep into buildings without the aid of local infrastructure. Cryptographic security features of STL also provide exceptional resilience to attempted signal disruption and attack. STL perfectly complements GPS and other location-based technologies and provides the absolute height of security.


Communications Networks

Wireless communications networks around the world rely on accurate timing and synchronization from GPS (or GNSS) signals to function properly. The loss of GPS (via signal interference, cyberattack, equipment failure, or spacecraft anomaly).

Energy & Utilities

Energy suppliers and public utilities (electricity, oil, natural gas, water) that rely on precise timing for their operations can depend on GPS/GNSS augmentation or backup from Satellite Time and Location (STL), which is compatible with the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) / IEEE-1588 standard.READ MORE

Maritime Navigation

Signal interference caused by adverse weather conditions or satellite anomalies is a huge risk to seafaring vessels using GPS/GNSS for navigation, potentially causing them to delay their departures or cut short their journeys. However, cyberattacks aiming to disrupt or counterfeit a GPS/GNSS signal represent a far more significant threat. READ MORE


Security authentication has typically been based on three factors — something you know (password, PIN), something you have (physical key, security token, access card), something you are (fingerprint, voice, iris pattern) — but a fourth factor is becoming more prevalent: somewhere you are. READ MORE


Satelles and Other Companies Support DHS Findings on Alternative PNT

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