White Papers and Reports

The Economic Impact on the UK of a Disruption to GNSS

Satelles Satellite Time and Location White Paper

Test Results from a LEO-Satellite-Based Assured Time and Location Solutions

Single Chip Receiver for GNSS and LEO Constellations

iGPS: Integrated Navigation and Communication Augmentation of GPS
The Role of PNT in Cybersecurity Location-based Authentication

Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities to GPS Disruptions

GPS Vulnerabilities for Critical Infrastructure

National Risk Estimate: Risks to U.S. Critical Infrastructure from Global Positioning System Disruptions

Cybersecurity: Critical Infrastructure Authoritative Reports and Resources

Presidential Policy Directive (PPD)-21 Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

OCIA—The Future of Smart Cities: Cyber-Physical Infrastructure Risk
The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis (DHS/OCIA) produced
this report discussing how the adoption of, and increased reliance on smart technologies might
create or increase risks for Smart Cities. Length is 49 pages. August 2015.

ICS Cybersecurity Response to Physical Security Breaches of Unmanned Critical Infrastructure Sites
SANS Institute InfoSec Reading Room. January 2014.

Cybersecurity and the Smarter Grid
U.S. Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability report discussing cybersecurity
for the power grid and how DOE and the energy sector are partnering to keep the smart grid reliable and secure. October 2014.

ICS-CERT Advisories
Advisories provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

An ICS-CERT Alert is intended to provide timely notification to critical infrastructure owners and operators
concerning threats or activity with the potential to impact critical infrastructure computing networks.

ICS-CERT Monitor Newsletters

ICS-CERT publishes the Monitor Newsletter when an adequate amount of pertinent information has
been collected. We provide this newsletter as a service to personnel actively engaged in the protection
of critical infrastructure assets.

Joint Security Awareness Reports
A JSAR Advisory is a Joint Security Advisory intended to provide awareness or solicit feedback from critical
infrastructure owners, integrators, peers, and operators concerning ongoing cyber events or activity
with the potential to impact critical infrastructure computing networks.