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Satelles offers a satellite-based solution that delivers indoor location without local infrastructure - adaptable to work on countless platforms with minimal technical integration.

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A Positioning Solution You Can Trust

Satelles offers a seamless solution for improved authentication and identity management. The signal-in-space provides a location-specific signature that can reliably prove (or authenticate) the location of a mobile device or other equipment, while being virtually impervious to spoofing from a remote location.

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Time and Location, Where GPS Can’t Reach

Unlike standard GPS, high powered Satelles Time and Location (STL) signals can reach into many building structures, without the need for local infrastructure, making the system perfect for augmenting GPS and other location-based technologies.

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Easy Integration into Existing Platforms

Our team of skilled software and hardware engineers can easily and quickly integrate STL into your existing platform. We work hard to make integration easy for our partners.

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We work with partners in multiple application areas. Our trusted time and location software and services are easily integrated into M2M and mobile devices. Ready to learn more? Request a demo of our STL solution.

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